The World On A String Presents:

How To Print A Comic


Page 1.

A hand holds a small comic book. The cover of the comic in the picture reads, "The World On A String Presents: How To Fold A Mini Comic. cc by-sa 2022 Ken Alleman, TheWorldOnAString.NeoCities.Org." The comic in the picture also has a picture of the comic, and so on down, creating a recursive effect.

Page 2.

Text reads, "start with an eight page comic printed on a single sheet of paper in the following arrangement." Image of an eight panel grid, representing the unfolded mini comic, with numbered pages.

Page 3.

Text reads, "Fold in half the long way, then the short way, and the short way again!" Accompanying images illustrate these instructions.

Page 4.

Text reads, "Unfold completely, then fold the short way, and make the following cut." Accompanying images illustrate these instructions. An arrow indicates part of the image, with text reading, "Stop here!"

Page 5.

Text reads, "Unfold again, then refold the long way, then make a cross shape." Accompanying images illustrate these instructions.

Page 6.

Text reads, "Make another fold so that the first and last pages are on the outside." An accompanying image illustrates this instruction. One more image illustrates the finished mini comic, pages open. Text reads, "Enjoy your new mini comic!"

Page 7.

Text-only page. Text reads...


1. Set the margins as narrow as possible, turn off any headers and footers, and set the printout to fit to a single page.

2. Make your creases as neat and even as possible. It may help to use a plastic card and a hard surface.

3. You can make the cut by tearing, but it's best to use sharp scissors or a crafting knife. Kids, ask your favorite grown-up for help.

4. By all means, print as many of my comics as you want and leave them in local music shops, bookstores, cafes, university student unions, etc.

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Text-only page. Text reads...


This method was adapted from the great Mel Gillman, who can be found at their personal site

as well as various social media platforms across the web.


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