"How crafting the perfect song
is like sneaking into a room"


Page 1.

Ken says, "Crafting the perfect song is a bit like sneaking into the most carefully guarded room in the world." An action image of Ken, dressed as Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible, dropping into frame by cables rigged up to his waist. Number 6: Dangling bits. 4/1/2023. CC By-Sa 2023 Ken Alleman. TheWorldOnAString.NeoCities.Org.

Page 2.

Ken says, "What you find might not be what you expected. In fact..." He is surprised to find himself dangling above a tray of biryani.

Page 3.

Ken is now dangling above a plate with a mushroom quesadilla on it.

Page 4.

Ken has come prepared. He has a napkin tucked into his collar and a fork and knife as he dangles above a bowl of japchae.

Page 5.

Ken, dangling, now has chopsticks and is ready to tuck into a tofu snack plate.

Page 6.

Ken has his fork and knife just above a plate of pad thai.

Page 7.

Ken is making his escape, being pulled into the sky by a helicopter. He holds a box with a NYC margharita pizza in it.

Page 8.

Ken, still dangling, speaks to the reader. "And that's how crafting the perfect song is like sneaking into a carefully guarded room. Do you understand?" End.

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