Panel 1. Illustration of Ken drawing furiously upon a drawing board, seen from such an angle that its contents are not visible. He says, "In 2019, I began development on a teaching comic for guitarists called The World On A String." Tiny insert text at the top of the word balloon reads, "More like 2018." The World On A String number 9. ### 7/17/2023. CC By-Sa 2023 Ken Alleman. TheWorldOnAString.NeoCities.Org.

Panel 2. Illustration pulled from the original World On A String sketchbook, of the different iterations of the Ken design leading up to the final design. Text reads, "I felt fortunate to have learned so much about music over the years, and I had some rudimentary drawing skills. I had found a way to pay it forward."

Panel 3. Illustration pulled from Volume 1 Number 3, of the three Dots illustrating horizontal motion. Text reads, "I wanted to teach stuff other people weren't teaching. Or teach it in a way they weren't teaching it!"

Panel 4. A redo of a panel from Volume 2 Number 5, in which Ken has just unleashed his most powerful attack upon the Mad Scientist, scorching the earth around his feet. Text reads, "I also wanted situations, a colorful cast of characters, dramatic moments, ongoing myth arcs. I wanted everything!" And smaller text at the bottom reads, "Seriously, w. t. f. was this about."

Panel 5. Side-by-side of a panel from Volume 3 Number 1 and a digital redrawing of it, which was a test image from just before the World On A String switched from ink and paper to digital. Text reads, "I started simple. Bristol board, No. 2 pencils, fine line markers. When I moved to digital, I strived to maintain the look."

Panel 6. Top and bottom split panel illustrations, the first of MacCormac taken from Volume 1 Number 4, the second of the Mad Scientist taken from Volume 2 Number 4. Text reads, "Revisiting the old strips, I've reflected on the parts I think worked, and parts where I lost my way."

Panel 7. Illustration of a pile of pages, two of which are visible. The one on the left is the first page of the first ever comic; the latter is from the 2023 Pride Month Special in which the Mad Scientist zooms around on roller skates. Text reads, "From Volume 1 Number 1 to this year's Pride Month special, I'm proud to let the World On A String stand as a compendium."

Panel 8. Group portrait of every character ever to have appeared in the comic. Text reads, "These are my earliest ideas of how to use comics as a teaching tool for musicians."

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