"The Heroic Perfect Fifth"


Page 1. Panel 1. The World On A String in Star Wars logotype. 2019 BY-SA Ken Alleman. Panel 2 and 3. Text scrolls up in the fashion of an old timey opening crawl. It reads, "Volume 2 Number 1. Ever notice how heroic themes from movies or TV have certain things in common? One feature shared by many of them is a perfect fifth interval near the beginning."

Page 2. Text reads, "An interval is the distance from the root note up to any other note in a scale. In B flat major, for example, F is the fifth note up form B flat. In natural major and minor, the fifth is perfect, meaning consonant and stable. Try incorporating perfect fifths into your own heroic music." As the crawl scrolls off into the distance, the final panel ends with the B flat major scale notated in standard notation, tablature, and block diagram.

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