"Mac's Friends"


Page 1. Panel 1. A repeat of the image from Volume 1 Number 7 with the Mad Scientist and Ken squaring off, thunder clouds gathering overhead. This time, we see K, MacCormac, and the three Dots looking on. Panel 2. The World On A String globe logo. Volume 2 Number 2. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman 2019. Panel 3. Closeup detail of MacCormac, flanked by two of the Dots. Panel 4. The same image of MacCormac, but the background and her friends are now gone From off-panel, a voice says, "Greetings." Panel 5. MacCormac is approached by a character who appears in silhouette. MacCormac says, "Who are you? Where are we?" The character says, "I am Ed. We are in String Space." A caption, attributed to "Ed" (as in editor) clarifies, "This Ed."

Page 2. Panel 1. MacCormac says, "Great. Now get me back. My friends need help." Ed says, "Precisely why you are here." Panel 2 and 3. Ed says, "The Mad Scientist must be defeated. Your friends are not suited to the task, but you are." Mac, pointing angrily, says, "Okay... listen up, buster. I need my friends. Maybe they don't have every quality you're looking for, but they all have a couple, and that ain't bad." Panel 4. MacCormac stalks away in a huff. Ed says, "She'll go far." Then, in a caption, "All according to plan."

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