"Bands Are Businesses"


Page 1. The World On A String globe logo is crossed out and crudely overwritten with "Mad Scientist Comix." Volume 2 Number 3. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman 2019. The Mad Scientist gestures while standing next to a pie chart on an easel. The Mad Scientist says, "If you're in a band, your bandmates are your business partners. Now, I know you trust them. Everybody's 'tight.' (The Mad Scientist does finger quotes.) But business partners look out for their own interests. See that you do likewise. Here's a little thought experiment. Think of all the music you've written together." We now see that the pie chart is not yet divided, and the label reads "all the music."

Page 2. Panel 1. The pie chart is now divided into a large section labeled "other people's" and a small section labeled "mine." The Mad Scientist says, "Quantify how much is yours. 20%? 30%? Can you prove that figure? Who really owns the music?" Panel 2 and 3. The Mad Scientist goes from jaunty to an exasperated glare, saying, "I can hear it now. 'It doesn't matter. We're all in this together.'" Panel 4, 5, and 6. He does finger-quotes again, before brandishing a paper labeled "contract." He says, "Even if everybody's 'tight' now, they might not be later. And those who are 'tight' might be replaced. I suggest you figure it out before it becomes a problem."

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