"Detachable Pedal


Page 1 Panel 1.

A new character, the Mad Scientist, is brandishing a pedal called the Malcorp MC-2. He says, "This is my favorite distortion pedal. It sounds awesome." The World On A String Volume 1, Number 4. CC BY-SA 2019 Ken Alleman.

Page 1 Panel 2.

The Mad Scientist looms over Ken, saying, "Sometimes, I want to use it by itself, without my pedal board. But I want to put it back on the board when I'm done." Ken, who is tied to a chair back to back with someone just out of frame, says, "Why don't you just take it off the board and put it on the floor?"

Page 1 Panel 3.

Closeup of the Mad Scientist, his eyes big and bloodshot. He says, "You think I haven't thought of that?"

Page 1 Panel 4.

The Mad Scientist says, "Sigh. The hook and loop fastener tape picks up dirt and lint. It slides around. It's annoying. Think of a solution or else."

Page 1 Panel 5.

Inset of a door slamming behind him as he leaves.

Page 1 Panel 6.

Ken says, "This requires the help of someone who can make inventive use of everyday objects. Thank goodness I'm tied up with..." The person out of frame says, "Yes, it is I..."

Page 2 Panel 1.

MacCormac stands up out of her chair, having cut herself free with a pocket knife. The panel is decorated with bishie sparkles and other filigree.

Page 2 Panel 2 and 3.

Ken asks, "How do we get out of this one, MacCormac?" MacCormac says, "It's simple, Ken. This is a workshop, right? Everything we need is right here."

Page 2 Panel 4.

MacCormac goes through a drawer. She says, "Let's see... ah ha!"

Page 3 Panel 1, 2, and 3.

Inset panels of MacCormac holding shelf liner and hook and loop tape. She says, "This non-skid liner from the bottom of the drawer and this leftover hook and loop tape from when the Mad Scientist made his pedal board!" Ken says, "Wow, industrial strength. That will hold better than the craft store stuff."

Page 3 Panel 4.

MacCormac cuts a piece of the shelf liner with her pocket knife. She says, "First, we cut a piece of the drawer liner the size of the bottom of the pedal."

Page 3 Panel 5.

She then cuts a piece of hook and loop tape to similar size. She says, "Then cut a strip of the fastener tape of the same size."

Page 3 Panel 6.

Ken says, "Looks like we just need the loop side, since the pedal has the hook side."

Page 3 Panel 7 and 8.

MacCormac says, "Then we peel off the plastice to expose the adhesive backing and match it neatly to the piece of drawer liner."

Page 3 Panel 9.

Ken, his shirt covered in pieces of adhesive backing, says, "Good thing this hook and loop tape is self-adhesive."

Page 4 Panel 1 and 2.

MacCormac demonstrates on the pedal. She says, "Now we have a non-skid barrier between the pedal and the floor that can be removed and reattached later."

Page 4 Panel 3.

MacCormac looks up at the bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling. She says, "Now, to pick that lock and bust us out. We can break a light bulb, remove the contact wires..." Ken, in the background, has simply opened the door. He says, "Or just try the knob?" End.

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