"Battle! Part 1"


Page 1 Panel 1.

The Mad Scientist strikes notes on his electric guitar, which manifest as an energy attack

Page 1 Panel 2 and 3.

Ken dodges the enormous attack and makes a three point landing, though he looks spooked.

Page 1 Panel 4.

The World On A String. Part One of Two. Volume One, Number Six. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman, 2019.

Page 1 Panel 5 and 6.

The Mad Scientist glares with intensity. He says, "Come on, play something, you coward!" Ken, glaring back, grabs his guitar and prepares to counter attack.

Page 2 Panel 1.

Ken unleashes a volley of notes of his own, a faster and more intricate passage than the one launched at him by the Mad Scientist.

Page 2 Panel 2 and 3.

The Mad Scientist stands with arms folded, unimpressed as the energy beam bears down on him.

Page 2 Panel 4 and 5.

At the last moment, the Mad Scientist counters with an even faster, more complicated run of notes, which easily blows away Ken's attack.

Page 3 Panel 1.

The Mad Scientist, smiling mirthlessly, says, "Having fun yet?" Storm clouds are gathering overhead.

Page 3 Panel 2.

Ken, his hair already pasted to his brow by sweat, shoots back, "Shut up and play your guitar."

Page 3 Panel 3.

Ken and the Mad Scientist stare each other down from across the field like gun fighters at high noon. In the background, lightning begins to flash in the darkening sky over the mountain peaks. To be concluded.

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