"Battle! Part 2"


Page 1 Panel 1.

Ken and the Mad Scientist stare each other down from across the field like gun fighters at high noon. In the background, lightning begins to flash in the darkening sky over the mountain peaks.

Page 1 Panel 2.

The World On A String. Part Two of Two. Volume One, Number Seven. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman, 2019.

Page 1 Panel 3, 4, and 5.

Close view of the gritty soil and rocks as rain begins to fall, first as sprinkles, then as a downpour.

Page 1 Panel 6 and 7.

The Mad Scientist and Ken stare each other down. The Mad Scientist looks sinister while Ken looks weary. Neither pays the rain any heed, although they are soaked.

Page 2 Panel 1 and 2.

The Mad Scientist launches his largest, fastest attack yet.

Page 2 Panel 3 and 4.

Ken looks shocked. He can mount only a feeble counterattack in time.

Page 3.

Ken is bowled over by the attack. He tumbles through the air, dropping his pick. K and the three Dots look on in horror.

Page 4 Panel 1 and 2.

Ken, lying flat on his back, raises a white flag in defeat.

Page 4 Panel 3.

The Mad Scientist crosses his arms, gloating in triumph. He says, "So, he is a coward after all."

Page 4 Panel 4.

Ken leaves his guitar lying on the ground and trudges away through the rain, the mountains in the distance, lighting overhead.

Page 5.

A page titled "Author's Note." It reads, "There is a wealth of free teaching material out there for guitarists. I started this comic strip for a couple reasons: 1. There were some topics I felt weren't being covered enough. 2. What better teaching medium is there than comics? If you're reading this, you're an early adopter of The World On A String. For that, I'm grateful. Hopefully, this will continue to be a worthwhile experience. Look for Volume 2, coming soon to this space. See you then. Ken Alleman, 2/20/2019. P.S. No musicians were harmed in the making of this comic strip." The margins are decorated with doodles: the videogame sprite illustration of the Amazing Maryam, a guitar knob, an E power chord in the style of the Kamesennin sigil, a news network style logo reading "SNN," the String Wing, and Hugh Mann wearing a Mario Brothers cap.

Page 6.

A page titled "On the rightful use of The World On A String." It reads, "In addition to providing entertainment, these comics are intended as teaching tools. Therefore, readers may view them for free and distribute them as they see fit. The only requirement is that my byline and licensing information be present on all copies and derivative works. I may choose to cease or modify this practice at some point. If I do, it would only affect comics made from that point onward. All comics marked "cc by-sa" may be used on the above conditions in perpetuity. For more information about this form of permission, you can visit CreativeCommons.Org/Licenses. If you suspect that The World On A String is being used outside of these terms, please notify me privately on one of my social media pages. Thanks again for reading. Ken."

Page 7.

The World On A String logo and a parody of an author's photo. This page reads, "Ken is the creator of The World On A String. He has been a guitarist for 19 years and a cartoonist for 31. He is currently writing this in the third person. The World On A String is illustrated on Bristol board with fine line pens and number 2 pencils."

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