"Holiday Special 2020"


Page 1. The World On A String 2020 Holiday Special. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman 2020. [Defunct link.] Image of Hugh Mann, K, Mr. Long, Ken, and the Mad Scientist jamming out on musical instruments with multiple String Wings zipping by like starfighters in the background.

Page 2. Mr. Long and K play guitars in the foreground, with Ken singing and the Mad Scientist drumming in the background. Text reads, "Two guitar players were starting a band."

Page 3. Mr. Long and K stand in front of a store called Musicians R Us. There's a sign reading, "Bassists sold out. 1/2 off special on guitarists." They look disappointed. Text reads, "And discovered that bassists were high in demand."

Page 4. K looks in a dumpster. Mr. Long looks down a manhole. Text reads, "They searched for them low, they searched for them high."

Page 5. They stand in front of Hugh Mann, who holds a bass and wears a Santa cap. Hugh Mann holds up a sign that says, "Sorry. In three bands already." Text reads, "But a non-busy bassist was hard to come by."

Page 6. Image of a bass in a storefront window. Text reads, "So instead of a bassist, they looked for a bass."

Page 7. A return to the original image, but K has switched from guitar to bass. Text reads, "And the hopeful new band had their lineup in place!"

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