"Thanksgiving Special 2020"


Page 1. Dialogue from a television broadcast hovers over the page. It says, "We now return to 'Dead Killers Never Live' on the Double-Oh-Zero Thanksgiving marathon." Panel 1. Closueup of a dinner plate, silverware, and glass. There is no food, but there are crumbs. Panel 2. Same visual, but further back. We see multiple plates. Maryam and MacCormac are passed out in their chairs. In the corner of the panel, tiny letters read "bye Don." Panel 3. Pull back again. Two of the three Dots are there as well, also passed out. The television dialogue says, "My name ish Bont. Jane Bont." Panel 4. Television dialogue says, "Vodka martini. Shaken, not shtirred." The World on a String Thanksgiving Special 2020. CC BY-SA Ken Alleman 2020. [Defunct link.]

Page 2. Panel 1. Past Maryam, we see the threshold between the dining room and the living room. The living room is dark inside, but we see a television screen, and the silhouette of a figure seated in an armchair. Television dialogue says, "But madam, won't that chip the ice and water down the drink?" Panel 2. Same visual, closer in, enough so that we're out of the dining room. Television dialogue says, "Shaking it ensuresh that the oil in the alcohol is evenly dishpershed." Panels 3 and 4. The remaining Dot, who is still awake, raises a remote control and mutes the TV. She says, "Well, we did it. We made it all the way to the Thanksgiving food coma without anyone getting mad at each other!"

Page 3. Panel 1. Dot peers in on her friends. She says, "Making music with other musicians is like a family dinner that never ends. Conflict is unavoidable, so it's best to maintain a constructive environment." Panel 2. In the manner of Kilroy was here, Dot peers over a sign that reads "Dot's guide to a drama-free collaboration." She holds a smaller sign that says "Not guaranteed." What follows is a bulleted list.

1. First thing's first: You're not always going to win people over to your side. If someone else's idea is valid, be a good sport. Be okay with deferring your own ideas sometimes. The best outcome is when everyone wins a little.

2. Be assertive! Learn to identify when an idea is especially important to you. It's up to you to make that importance clear! Secure an agreement to block off time for it. Remember, though, they are only obligated to give it a try.

3. Be diplomatic! If someone's idea is unworkable, be able to articulate why. Don't just dig in your heels. Definitely don't wait to assert yourself! Make sure everyone feels safe and supported.

4. Be just! Someone may feel they've been wronged. They should articulate what they need in order to move on. It may be best for a third person to mediate. Obviously someone who isn't invested in either side.

Page 4. Overhead view. Back to the darkened living room with the TV on. Dot is slouched in the chair, wrapped in a blanket, her friends still snoozing in the room behind her. She says, "Alright, I've held out long enough. Naptime for me." Television dialogue says, "Do you expect me to talk?" Then it says, "Are you serious? Why else would I place you in a slow-moving death trap if I didn't expect you to talk?" A caption at the end reads "R.I.P. Sean Connery. The godfather of the modern action-adventure hero, for better or worse."

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