"Halloween Special 2021 #1"


Panel 1. The World On A String. CC BY-SA 2021 Ken Alleman. Image of a donut. Caption reads, "The Cider Mill."

Panel 2. Caption reads, "I was working the other day." Image of Ken doing work; it doesn't matter what.

Panel 3. Caption reads, "And, out of nowhere, I was hit by a powerful sense memory." Image of Ken being struck in the head by a cartoon lightning bolt.

Panel 4. Caption reads, "There's a cider mill not far from where I grew up, a big destination in autumn. I had just shopped there and was driving away." Image of a van driving down the road.

Panel 5. Caption reads, "The car full of the smell of fresh-baked donuts, Jimi playing 'Machine Gun' on the stereo." Image of a music staff, notated with an endlessly sustaining high B.

Panel 6. Caption reads, "I now live several states away from the cider mill, but my memory of it bears the weight of nostalgia." Image of a donut.

Panel 7. Caption reads, "Its sudden re-emergence can only mean one thing. Halloween is coming!" Image of a Jack-O-Lantern.

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