"Summer Special 2021"


Page 1. Panel 1. The World On A String Summer Special. CC BY-SA 2021 Ken Alleman. [Defunct link.] A beach scene. People play in the water, walk in the sand, or lay out on blankets. In the background, Dot is playing a guitar. Panels 2 through 4. Dot, strumming, sings, "And that's the end of the soooooong!" The outro she plays is notated in tablature.

Page 2. Panel 1. We see the scene once again, from Dot's perspective. Nobody is paying attention to her. She stands there next to a card table with a box on it. Panel 2. Dot puts her guitar down. She says, "I have stuff available. No biggie." Pane 3. Professor Smartypants and Hugh Mann approach Dot. Professor Smartypants asks, "Hey, Dot, what's getting you down?"

Page 3. Panel 1. Dot says, "Professor Smartypants, no one is buying my merch." Professor Smartypants says, "What have you done to bring it to them?" Panel 2. The three of them walk off together, leaving the guitar in the foreground. Dot is taking the box with her. Professor Smartypants says, "Come. We'll talk as we walk."

Page 4. A montage, with Professor Smartypants narrating. First image is an open computer screen. In the web browser is a musical instrument retail site called Guitar Dump. Professor Smartypants says, "Think of how the big companies sells their stuff." Panel 2. Point of view image of a driver in a car. The jingle on the radio says, "Acme Beer presents 'authentic dudes of brilliance.' Authentic duuudes of brilliaaance..." Professor Smartypants says, "They give us too many chances for us to ignore." Panel 3. Outside view of the car driving down the road, passing by multiple billboard advertisements. Professor Smartypants says, "After a while, we don't even notice that they're doing it. That's how much they saturate the space around us!"

Page 5. Panel 1. Back on the beach. Professor Smartypants, addressing the reader, says, "Don't be afraid to bug people. The big companies aren't!" In the background, Dot is taking her box of merch around to the various beachgoers. She says, "Do you want to buy some stuff? Thanks! Do you want to buy some stuff..." Panel 2. Our three characters address the reader. Professor Smartypants says, "If you want to bring your merch to the people..." Dot says, "You have to bring it to the people!" Hugh Mann, via handwritten sign, says, "Can we leave now? I do not like water."

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