"Thanksgiving Special 2021"


Panel 1. The World On A String Comics. Music, autobio, etc. © Image of a pair of hands cutting into a piece of soy roast with silverware.

Panel 2. Image of Ken slicing vegetables on a cutting board. Caption reads, "Happy Thanksgiving! Hey, did you know that instead of being a part of NFTs, you can just buy art from artists?" A supplementary caption reads, "Another investment scheme for rich people to launder their money."

Panel 3. Image of the cutting board, vegetables and knife arranged on top. Caption reads, "It gets even better than that! You can also just give artists money! Be a patron of the arts. Make the world a better place for art and artists with your dollars."

Panel 4. First caption reads, "An NFT (non-fungible token) is a certificate of ownership of a digital file. An image, for example. Digital files are infinitely copyable. An NFT says you own one of those copies." Image of a table setting for multiple guests. Second caption reads, "NFTs are kept track of on the blockchain, an online ledger for digital transactions. Owning an NFT confers no rights to the original work. Just an entry on the blockchain saying you own one copy of it. If this sounds kind of silly, it is! If it seems like there must be more to it, there isn't!"

Panel 5. First caption reads, "The minimum cost to create, or 'mint,' an NFT is about 70 USD. Part of that fee is pure profit for the owners of the blockchain." Revisiting the first image, of the hands cutting into the roast. Second caption reads, "You mint an NFT in hopes of auctioning it off for more money later, but auction prices are driven by wealthy speculators. With a few get rich quick exceptions, most NFTs are basically worthless!"

Panel 6. Ken pulls out a chair. Caption reads, "Instead of chucking your money into the NFT casino, chuck it at the artists themselves! Especially small and-or independent artists, who need and deserve your support the most."

Panel 7. Closeup drawing of Ken. Caption reads, "I know this started out like it was going to be a Thanksgiving comic, and the NFT thing was kind of an ambush. And you know what? I'm not even sorry!"

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