"Scale Frags"


Page 1. The World On A String. Volume 4 Number 7. MacCormac, holding a guitar, says, "Tired of wandering the same old scale patterns?" Maryam, holding a magnifying glass, says, "Try scale frags!" CC BY-SA Ken Alleman 2020. [Defunct link.]

Page 2. MacCormac plays the guitar. Maryam looks closely at the neck with a magnifying glass. Maryam says, "Pick a small group of adjacent notes to build phrases out of."

Page 3. Two diagrams, each of the same E minor box pattern. On one, groupings of three notes are circled. On the other, groupings of four notes. Caption reads, "A few examples in E minor. Find as many as you can, and try every scale you know!"

Page 4. More of MacCormac playing the guitar. Caption reads, "Practice playing these patterns in different ways. Ascending, descending, and mixed!"

Page 5. Two examples, in tablature, of licks that can be generated from three note scale fragments.

Page 6. Maryam speaks to the reader while MacCormac jams out in the background. "String these different phrases together to create new passages on the fly!"

Page 7. An example, in tablature, of two separate fragments that can be connected end to end into one long passage.

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