"Hall Monitor"


Page 1. A man in a hall monitor uniform holds forth to the reader. "You shouldn't depic bad behavior in comics except to condemn it! There has never been a necessary sex scene in comics! Why do your comics have to talk about being queer so much?"

Page 2. He looks up and says "uh oh" as he spots the World On A String logo overhead. CC BY-SA 2021 Ken Alleman.

Page 3. Ken looks down at his phone. It is indicated that he has Twitter open on the screen, and it is implied that this is how he's viewing the above exchange. He says, "Are we talkin' about this again already? Ugh. Look, if you want more input into your comics, you're in luck. Here's a step by step guide."

Page 4. A page of numbered steps. Step 1. Fold a stack of paper in half. Step 2. Staple it along the fold. Step 3. Write and draw anything you want in it! Each step is illustrated, with the last step showing one hand holding a handmade booklet labeled "My Comix" and the other giving a thumbs up.

Page 5. A spread of comics titled, in turn, "Mortal Enemies Drinking Coffee," "Non-Threatening Romance," and "The Demographic-Balanced Mutants." Caption reads, "If you've never felt it necessary to make art without certain things in it, or if you've never felt seen by art that has those things in it, good for you."

Page 6. Ken again. He says, "But you don't get to make declarations about what's necessary in art that isn't for you!" He's clicking something on his phone, which is labeled "Logging off, hopefully."

Page 7. Extreme closeup on Ken. He says, "Seriously. Stop being such an overbearing nerd."

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