The World On A String


Q. What even is "The World On A String"?

A. The World On A String is a teaching comic for guitarists--the first of its kind, as far as I know. I started it in 2019, more or less gave it up in 2022, lost the website it was on, and recently started a new website just for archival purposes. I'm putting the old comic strips back online at a rate of about one per week.

Q. How many World On A String comic strips are there?

A. By the time I stopped, there were roughly 35-40, depending on how you count. I've also added nine new strips since starting this site. Those can be found in the archive. They'll be available through the main navigation once I've caught up to them.

Q. Will there be more World On A String comics in the future?

A. I don't know! Candidly, I think I had a lot of great ideas for it and a lot of not-so-great ideas. My current notion is that I may retire The World On A String permanently and start fresh with a new comic strip.

Q. That's silly.

A. It's very silly. But if I'm telling people about this cool comic strip I'm doing, I don't want to have to warn them in advance about all the lackluster comics they'll have to sort through to get to the good stuff.

Q. Your comics are too big for my computer monitor.

A. That isn't a question. This site is optimized for a vertical screen, like a phone or a tablet. Try resizing your browser window.

Q. Is this really the world's first music education comic?

A. As far as I could find. It would be great if there were more.

Q. Why comics? Why not just do videos?

A. There are countless people doing music education videos already. Comics are a great educational tool, yet their potential for teaching music is underexplored.

Q. Why does your website look like it's from 1998?

A. It's a tribute to an Internet before social network sites came along and screwed up everything.

Q. (Insert personal question here.)

A. Yes.

Q. Do people really ask these questions frequently?

A. No.

Q. Where else can I find you?

A. Your best bet is Instagram.

Published 12/18/2022
Updated 4/10/2023
Updated 7/17/2023

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